facial rejuvenation acupuncture“Sandy initially treated me for facial rejuvenation, but not only did my wrinkles relax – each time she treated me, I felt an overwhelming sense of balance and pure joy!  What’s more, her rare combo of warm, relaxing, humorous and very professional ways of treating me helped me overcome some fertility challenges and get pregnant at the age of 45.  And I was glad she was then able to relieve that morning sickness, too!”
~*  SG, Miami Beach

“Sandy has bailed me out several times on a short notice before major trips and events. Every time my low back injury with herniated disc would act up she would do her magic, and my back tension usually accompanied by numbness in the leg, would alleviate. Besides her amazing acupuncture skills Sandy is very funny and kind. I felt like she genuinely cared about my wellbeing in every sense of the word. I highly recommend her. Oh yeah, and she offers those acupuncture face-lifts. I heard they work wonders as well.”
~* Anna M., Miami

“Sandy is a consummate professional.  I was very skeptical about acupuncture, but Sandy delivered amazing results after just one session.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the way the treatments have gone!”
~*  Jon G., NY

“Sandy has an intuitive sense of the body’s needs and an easygoing, warm manner that puts her patients at ease.  I felt comfortable and confident in sharing my personal information with her, and I believe that feeling that way was an important part of the healing process.”
~*  Hewitt P., NY

“Acupuncture has been very direct, with sometimes INSTANT results, and Sandy seems quite intuitive at just knowing where to put the needles before I even say a word.  Afterward, there is a sense of inner-balance that feels brand new, almost supernatural, and it is an experience I highly recommend.

With the Chinese herbs, Sandy was able to treat a sinus problem that none of the over-the-counter medicines could seem to cure.  I was also surprised at how good the herbal tea tasted, as opposed to most medicines. It had that same feel to it that I might have when drinking chicken broth during a cold, as if the food itself is saying, ‘This is exactly what you need. This is nourishment.’

It’s very rare to find any sort of practitioner who can resolve a chronic problem with a single visit, but on more than two occasions, I have to say, Sandy has been able to surprise me by doing just that.  Thanks Sandy!”
~*  Jared M., NY

* Individual results may vary.



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